TC Contact Centre, gives customer access to a trusted, high quality, nationwide repair network to ensure quick and convenient repair in the event of an appliance breakdown.

Our property services offering uses our existing platforms, assistance experience in quality customers services to provide customers with peace of mind in potentially costly situation.

We work closely with our accredited, high quality network of service providers to ensure the customer experience is a positive one. We monitor and manage our network, ensuring we have national coverage and appropriate rates.

Our Property services can include:

Home Assistance

  • 24/7 support line to help connect with tradespeople


  • Qualified plumbers intervene to repair damages to your home or office


  • Qualified electrician intervene to resolve electrical issues or local outages

Cleaning arrangement

  • Intervention of qualified cleaning company

Other building assistance and repairs

  • Through a mostly pay-per-use service, customer have access to specialist in heating, cooling, dry walling, sanitation, flooring, roofing, pest control, and others

IT Helpline

  • Free unlimited 24/7 telephone assistance to help customer to understand and use their personal desktops and laptops.