TCCS is committed to the development of its call center professionals, providing them with the right skills necessary to succeed. We combine the best industry practices with new approaches to achieve great results, with self-assurance and confidence-building as instructional objectives.

Adding young talent might be an edgy situation for a call center because few recruitment rounds cannot determine a candidate’s efficiencies and abilities. Despite the fact, new agents are repeatedly hired by call centers. To expel the chance of a risk, inexperienced reps are given training, by their respective managers before introducing them to the clients.

Training is – and has always been – at the core of our service. New hires are oriented on the call center’s work environment, and its corporate practices, policies, and procedures. It conducts a two-week, in-house, core foundation call center training program conducted by in-house trainers.

Customer’s expectations are consistently going high. They rely only on those organizations where they get a quicker solution to their problems and get to interact with skilled agents.  So, this is why the agents are provided with qualitative training for meeting the client’s expectations.