TCCS a continuous improvement methodology focused on setting expectations, monitoring, evaluation, and coaching.  Central to this process will be the role of team leaders, who will supervise a group of agents, assigned to specific program or campaign.  Shift supervisors continuously monitor campaign/program metrics and relay the summary report to the Team Leaders.

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Monitoring random agent recordings, doing live call barging, assessing e-mails or web chat; Andon the other hand, the team leaders will continuously monitor agent performance metrics and do appropriate measures to improve on each concern. Team leaders’ responsibilities include:Motivating their respective teams, by means of various group bonding activities and/or incentive programs.

Technological infrastructure includes a customer relationship management (CRM) system that would accurately, effectively and efficiently monitor and interpret a broad range of performance metrics directly or indirectly related to achieving customer service quality targets and other objectives. TCCS’s management/supervisory team will closely monitor and apply these metrics to continuously improve the performance of each call center agent.