As the TC Contact Centre, we are driven to create mutual business success as we are more than a value added product supplier, we are a business partner. Only through adopting a collaborative mindset and understanding the core business and client needs will we be able to impact the success of your business.

The benefits of working with the TCCS are:

A value for your Customer Relationship Management

  • Tighten the link of trust with its customers, and ultimately, contribute to bringing them back to book again with you.

Only sustainable partnerships create true value to all parties

  • TCCS manages a true continuous improvement process with its partners. This generates improvements in sales processes, innovation, and business intelligence.

Outsourcing non-core business

  • You can manage your time, limited workforce more efficiently and focus completely on your core business activities.

Technical advice to your customer

  • We have in-house technician advisors assist your customers on the phone.

Very high service level agreement

Saving to you…

  1. Hiring Cost: The cost of finding the right person to hire can be hefty.
  2. Training Cost: Once the right person is in place, businesses need to provide adequate training so the new employee can do the work and start producing for the company.
  3. Capital Expenditure: Turn your fixed cost to monthly expenses that are easy to fit into any budget. This means that you can turn capital expenses into operating expenses, allowing for further saving and greater budget flexibility.
  4. Operating Cost: Outsourcing your operation will reduce your expenses and let your staff concentrate on their core roles.
  5. Infrastructure: Outsourcing eliminates the need for investment in infrastructure as we will take the responsibility of the business process and hence develop the infrastructure.
  6. Skilled Workforce: The resources employed by TCCS are well trained in the respective business area and are experienced in handling your business needs.
  7. 24/7, 365 Support: Outsourcing call centres are never closed. We pay special wages on holidays and give incentives for attendance, ensuring that calls are answered 24 hours and 365 days. It can avoid disappointing customers.